Mastering The Elemental Strategies

Learn the strategies that separate Aiki Ninjutsu from other Martial Arts

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This course will cover how to use the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void Elements of Aiki Ninjutsu. These strategies will teach you how to use the Kihon (fundamental) techniques based on how you feel at the time. Do you feel confident, intimidated, assertive or compassionate? This course will make sure you have aligned your attitude with the proper way to apply your technique.

Topics for this course include:

  • Earth - Holding Your Ground Without Having To Be Stronger Than Your Opponent
    • Earth Ikkyo
    • Earth Ura & Hon Gyaku
    • Earth Omote Gyaku
    • Earth Musha Dori
    • Earth Oni Kudaki
    • Earth Rokkyo
    • Earth Shiho Nage
  • Water - Strategic Angles To Take Your Opponent Apart
    • Proactive Water Ikkyo
    • Proactive Water Techniques to the Inside
    • Reactive Water Movement
  • Fire - Stealing Your Opponent's Time And Space
    • Fire Ikkyo
    • Fire Inside Gokyo
    • Fire Ganseki Nage
  • Wind - Evading Your Opponent To Set Them Up
    • Wind Ikkyo
    • Wind Sankyo
    • Wind Gokyo (Inside & Outside)
    • Wind Rokkyo
    • Wind Shiho Nage
    • Wind Musha Dori
    • Wind Oni Kudaki
  • Void - Changing Elements To Confuse Your Opponent
    • Fire into Wind/Earth/Water
    • Earth into Fire/Wind
    • How to Master the Elements

Your Instructor

Michael Eichenberg
Michael Eichenberg

Michael is the Owner of Warrior’s Edge Martial Arts; Head of Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu


  • Over 40 years training in the martial arts
  • 7th Degree Black Belt in Banzenkan Aiki Ninjutsu
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt in To-Shin Do – Former Senior Instructor in Stephen K. Hayes’ Quest Organization
  • 1st Degree Black Belt Aikido
  • Awarded title of Kan-cho, “Head of the Organization” for the Jizaikan in 2008
  • Formed the Banzenkan “Organization of Perfection and Flawlessness” in 2011
  • Graduate of ESI (Executive Security International). One of the top rated bodyguard schools in the US.
  • Served as a member of an elite executive protection detail and as an in-house SWAT team member at a nuclear facility
  • Former United States Marine Corps Security Force Team Member and Marksmanship Instructor
  • Developed S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness Fundamental Education) self-defense program for middle school, high school and college students as well as professionals in law enforcement, and security fields.

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